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Open any interior design magazine and you will notice the distressed wood tile flooring trend. And it might be more than a fad – people like the look for a good reason…

Homeowners and designers are welcoming in the return to rustic home aesthetics and the wood like tile trend. People want to live in places that look lived in – places with depth, history, warmth and soul.

What’s ironic is that achieving that real distressed hardwood flooring look is actually quite expensive using wood alone.  First, you will need strong hardwood that could stand the test of time. You may need to hire a specialist timber merchant to scour the country for shade and style you want.

Then, the reclaimed wood would need to undergo a lot of processing including staining, color washing and hand scraping in order to be suitable for your flooring. Not everyone has the time and money for that – so here are some cost effective distressed wood tile flooring alternatives for your next project…

Distressed Wood Flooring Tiles Gallery

Engineered Distressed Wood Tile Flooring

This kind of flooring material is made by bonding several layers of ply together with the use of specialized machinery. As a result, it will be more stable and more moisture resistant compared to solid hardwood.  The top layer will be made from quality wood because it will be the layer to undergo artificial aging and styling processes in order to get the distressed look. It usually costs only half as much as solid hardwood.

Rustic-Style Wood Laminate Flooring

Now, if you want in on the distressed wood trend but can’t afford it, another option is laminate flooring. These kinds of flooring look extremely realistic these days due to 3D photographic technology. This option is also ideal for those who only want to try the look and aren’t willing to commit to it yet. It’s cheaper so you won’t be dismayed by your investment if you end up not liking it as much as you thought you would.

Rustic Porcelain Wood Tile Flooring

Wood-look ceramic or porcelain tile is now a viable alternative. This is perhaps the best option if you want as close to the real thing without all the disadvantages associated with hardwood flooring such as shrinkage, maintenance cost and of course the cost of the material itself. This is especially the case if you live in a particularly humid area.

Whether you want a Shabby Chic vibe or an Old World farmstead vibe, there’s distressed wood tile flooring for you.

Blendart – a line of wood-like porcelain tile from Italian manufacturer Ceramica Sant’Agostino, has produced amazing distressed tiles that really look like they’re reclaimed wood. They have this gnarled wood effect and natural-looking scrapes. It’s hard to tell it isn’t real wood!

This look is all about getting that rustic vibe and creating a home that makes you feel like you’re truly home. It’s a reminder of comforting times.

You can get that by getting wood-look porcelain tiles that look as real as distressed wood tile flooring.

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