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Black sparkle floor tiles can really be the stand-out feature of any room.

Take a look at our gallery of black sparkle wall and floor tiles below.

You can see how the floor tiles can really add a touch of class and style to a room.

Black Sparkle Floor Tiles Gallery

Black granite sparkle floor tiles are often finished with a resin surface with flecks of mirror that look like stars  shining in the night sky.

These tiles, in particular black granite sparkle floor tiles, require little maintenance as they are very durable.

Granite is a very strong rock and therefore is very hard-wearing and looks more natural and luxurious than some of the other sparkly tiles on the market.

They are generally stain resistance, temperature resistant and great for high traffic areas.

Conglomerate stone is also commonly used to create glittery and sparkly Starstone tiles. Consisting predominantly of quartz, the conglomerate is mixed with resin which includes fragments of mirror which adds the sparkly effect to the end product. Incorporating the resin results in a polished sparkly surface that is quite resistant to abrasion.

So the question is do you want a tile that looks more natural or one that is all about the sparkle?

Also think about how much light you will have in the area? The reflection of the mirror or whatever is creating the ‘sparkly’ effect, will generally occur frm all angles but will depend on how much light there is in the room.

Other Sparkling Tiles As Flooring

If you are looking for that sparkly effect but not necessarily in black, there are many other options to chose between.

These include Glitter Tiles, Mirror Tiles, Starburst Tiles, Lightburst Tiles and mosaic, black opal, pearl white , sapphire, lime, quartz violet and emerald green sparkle floor tiles.

They can also look great on kitchen and bathroom walls and especially in the shower.

A kitchen bench having Starstone black sparkly tiles can be used as a feature that stands out in the kitchen.  They really can add a classy and luxurious look that your friends will be envious of.

Granite sparkle tiles are also a great option for the kitchen bench as they are highly durable and add a touch of luxury.


So what are you going to choose for your next project and what do you think about black sparkle floor tiles in the bathroom?

Let us know in the comments below.

More pictures of black sparkle floor tiles coming soon, so stay tuned…

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