Ceramic Flooring Interior Design

You can still transform a humble abode with the use of stunning tile design if you know how to create an expensive look for less…

Learning how to navigate the world of online tile retailers for cheap tiles, such as discontinued tile packages, is a great place to start.

Here are five ideas to secure cheap but quality tiles for your next project:

1. Go for a cheap subway tile and jazz it up with the right pattern

Subway tiles are some of the cheapest options and they look great as a kitchen backsplash. But you don’t have to go for the all-subway tiles look…

After finding the classic tile color you prefer, look for an interesting pattern such as those in mosaic tiles and then buy a few so you can use them as a border.

If you don’t like stripes or borders, set-up a “feature” wall instead. Choose cheap tiles for 3 walls and then splurge on a fancy material on one wall such as the one behind the sink. This is going to be more expensive than using borders but it’s still not as expensive as installing high-end tiles in the whole room.

With these techniques, you can add some interesting contrast to the area without spending a ton of money on mosaic tiles.

You can find some inspiration in our gallery below:

Tile Gallery – Cheap Tiles

2. Go for ceramic rather than porcelain

Ceramic tiles generally cost less than porcelain tiles. In fact, you should prepare to shell out more than 50% of what you’d have spent on ceramic if you go for porcelain.

While their prices do not look much different when you view the high-end products, low and mid-end ceramic tiles are much cheaper than their porcelain counterpart.

Make no mistake though; porcelain is less porous and is denser than ceramic which makes it more durable and water resistant.

However, these cheap floor tiles can do the job if you place them in areas that do not get prolonged contact with water, such as your living room or even kitchen.

It’s safe to use them in bathroom walls, although not in tubs.

3. Cut expensive border material into two

Mosaic tiles or glass tiles usually make great border material because they just look dazzling. But they’re expensive so while you can save by using them as a running border, you can save even more by cutting the tiles into two.

That way, you will only have to buy half of the linear footage you’ll need for your project. They usually come in 12 in. by 12 in. pieces and half of that would already look pretty good.

4. Check out closeout sales

A closeout sale refers to the sale of the last batch of tiles.

Some online tile manufacturers do this. You might end up with a gem of a tile design if you’re lucky.

Just make sure to get your hands on around 10% more than you need so that when you make mistakes in installation or have to repair flooring in the future, you’ll have some extra tiles.

5. Calculate the true price of the tiles

It’s easy to get excited when you see the perfect tile for your home and it seems to be incredibly cheap. But make sure to factor in shipping and handling because they can be so expensive that in some cases, you’ll end up paying for double the price per square foot.

This isn’t always because tile retailers just want to rip you off; tiles just weigh so much and you’ll have to shoulder that cost.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a kitchen that looks like every other kitchen.

Try these tips and transform your home with cheap tiles that still bring the quality and look you are after.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about securing cheap tiles for your next project.

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