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Marble flooring creates a sense of exceptional style and luxury. It has a long history in some of the most stunning architectures all over the world. It remains a choice material for the most sophisticated homes and commercial spaces.

Marble was once considered exotic and rare, but it is now more accessible than before. It is all-natural and gathered from the heart of a mountain in huge slabs of stone. It is then carved down and refined into slabs, mosaics, and tiles. It is used in typical construction processes.

Marble conveys a sense of elegance when installed on the kitchen floor. The look and feel can be carried through an entire room.  

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Why is Marble Flooring a Favored Material in Kitchens?

Natural Material

Marble is produced from limestone, calcite, or dolomite. It is a dense, porous stone that has a high water absorption rate. As an all-natural material, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It features veined patterns and swirls on the surface.


Marble slabs and tiles are available in a wide range of colors. They are in shades of black, brown, white, gray, green, and other natural hues.

Marble is also available in multicolored materials. It features various shades set on the surface of every piece. Moreover, it is a naturally-occurring stone. Every piece looks a bit different from the other. This gives every tile a unique personality.


Marble is different from several other stone materials used in flooring. It is a hard stone surface with high polish. Thus, manufacturers can make the surface of a marble tile shiny and smooth. Polishing can also bring out its colors. This makes it more visible and striking.

Marble Slab

Marble comes in huge pieces called slabs when quarried. A slab has natural features that create a symphony of colors throughout its surface. Pieces are cut from the original natural slab into a more manageable size and shape.  

It is impossible to reconstruct these pieces. Yet, when you install a single slab of marble (whether cut or not), it will feature pieces that are likely to match one another.

Light Transmission

Marble has a slight translucent feature. This enables lighting to penetrate the surface of light-colored materials. It makes them glow. This is the same with dark-colored materials. The play of light throughout their surface can also be so beautiful.

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Marble on a kitchen floor is a mark of class and luxury

When you use marble flooring, the options are limitless in creating a design that showcases your own style and flair.

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