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If you’re looking for the best tile for your next bathroom project, porcelain bathroom tiles will most likely be among the top of the list.

Porcelain is one of the popular bathroom tiles because it looks classy, is easy to clean and highly durable.

Porcelain is a ceramic object that is processed by heating kaolin and other clay minerals. It is commonly used as a bathroom fitting, insulator and floor or wall tile.

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Porcelain Bathroom Tile Gallery

If you’re trying to decide whether to use porcelain for your bathroom tiles or not, here are things you should consider.

When to use porcelain bathroom tiles

– When your bathroom is frequently used

If you know that a lot of people will be using the bathroom, such as in the case of a big family or those who have guests or customers onsite regularly, you will need a tile that can withstand high-traffic and heavy impact. Then, porcelain is the way to go and here’s why:

Durability: It takes high temperatures to process porcelain. This makes the tile more dense; hence, more durable. And with proper installation and maintenance, porcelain can last for a long time.

Water resistance: Because of its dense quality, porcelain cannot be easily penetrated by liquid. And since it is water resistant, it also doesn’t stain. It doesn’t easily scratch or crack too.

Easy to maintain: You can easily clean porcelain tiles using a damp rag. You can also prepare a mix of water and pH-balanced dish soap and use it in mopping the tiles for disinfection.

Fire-resistant: Porcelain is fireproof. It also restrains fire from spreading.

 – You want a durable tile that can be designed as something else

You can use porcelain tiles and make it look like granite, marble, steel or even wood.

Wood effect porcelain tiles are now growing in popularity. They’re porcelain tiles that really do look like wood.

The process of making it even includes imitating the texture and grain of wood. But unlike wood, they don’t corrode or bend.

If you’d like your floor or even walls to have that natural look of wood, wood effect porcelain tiles make a great option.

When not to use porcelain bathroom tiles

 – When you’re on a tight budget

Porcelain tiles are quite expensive compared to other ceramic tiles. They’re also quite challenging to install.

Hiring someone to install them will add to your expense too. However, while they’re costly, they’re durable and low maintenance. You won’t have to replace them for a long time.

 – When you’re in a rush to put up tiles

Porcelain tiles require time to install. Since the tiles are heavy, it’s not easy to cut them. It’s best to hire an experienced person to install them. It’s not recommended for one of your do-it-yourself projects.

Maintenance of grout can also be challenging especially when moisture seeps into the grout. This will result to the growth of mold and mildew. Thus, it’s important to seal the grout properly.

Density: Since porcelain tiles are dense, they’re difficult to cut. So, if you’re considering using them, you may want to hire an expert.

Heaviness: A dense material means it’s also heavy. Make sure your walls are strong enough before you install porcelain bathroom tiles on them. It’s recommended to make use of a tile backer board for support.

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The bottom line is, if you consider its durability, ability to mimic other materials and low maintenance quality, porcelain bathroom tiles make a great option for your next bathroom tiling project…

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