Clear Glass Tiles Style

Glass tiles were first introduced by artists during the Byzantine times of the 3rd century B.C.

These artists used small colored glass tiles to decorate primarily churches and private residences of the wealthy.   The elegance of glass tiles continued into the Art Deco period, with structured glass known as Vitrolite, being used for interior and exterior walls.

For an elegant look in your kitchen or bathroom, take a look at the gallery below for some of our favorite glass tile picks….

Glass Tiles Gallery:

Glass Tile Design:

Mosaic glass tiles look spectacular in any bathroom, kitchen or pool for that matter.  You can create endless patterns and designs depending on your preferred style.

These tiles can be used literally anywhere in the bathroom and kitchen, including countertops and in bathtubs. There are also designers using these stunning tiles as feature walls to create a striking high value look. They can come in all sorts of shapes, forms, colors and thickness.

To reduce the price of buying the product and installation (which can be costly), you could use glass tiles as an accent to create feature rows or inserts in your shower or backsplash.

Glass subway tiles for backsplashes create such depth to the surface and sheer elegance. The reflection of water or sunlight onto the tiles adds to the level delicacy and beauty.  The popularity of these tiles is only growing…

Why would you choose glass tiles for your next home project?

• Durable and environmentally friendly
• Resistant to sunlight and high temperatures
• Adds a level of beauty and sophistication
• Easy to clean
• Minimizes mold growth
• Doesn’t discolor or stain

For an elegant look in your kitchen or bathroom….Check out the Glass Tile Gallery above for some of our favorite picks.

Let us know which one you would choose, or have used, in the comments below!

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