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Artisan tiles can bring a one-of-a-kind mix of colors, textures and patterns into your next floor or wall tiling project.

They come in many designs from glazed and rustic to fancy stone mosaic tiles with Mediterranean and Moorish patterns.

The unlimited possibility for unique designs and intricate patterns also means that they could create a talking point in your home.

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If you’re looking to use artisan tiles or stone mosaic tiles, here are some tips to consider before you get started.

1: Individuality is their greatest appeal, but you will find this a double edged sword.

Tiles are made with different materials, processes, glazed and in the case of porcelain and ceramic tiles, have different firing temperatures. So you can see how they can be very different from one another. 

This is even more apparent with artisan tiles because they’re handmade and therefore, no two tiles will be the same. If you’re expecting consistency that’s similar to what you’ve seen in machine-made tiles, you will be sorely disappointed.

2: Some artisan tiles are not as water resistant as others.

Tiles have been used to cover surfaces for centuries and understandably so. They’re beautiful and practical. They’re also water resistant and easy to clean, which is why in many homes, they’re used to create kitchen and bathroom back-splashes.

However, keep in mind that not all artisan tiles are made the same. In fact, they tend to be made of clay instead of porcelain which means that they are not as dense and are more porous. Note that porcelain is generally more impervious to moisture and is therefore more durable. You might want to use them as flooring material for areas that do not experience prolonged contact with water.

3: They’re stunning but expensive

Because artisan tiles are more likely to have variations in shade and pattern, it’s recommended that you buy about 10% more than what you’d need. This is in case damage occurs during fitting or when you need to make repairs in the future. After all, tiles that are from the same batch are more likely to be the best match.

In addition, prices are going to be much higher. The cost of these tiles can be as much as $200 per square foot – and that’s the ready-to-buy kind. Custom artisan stone mosaic tiles can cost even more. 

4: Installation requires more preparation

These tiles aren’t going to be uniform so if you’re concerned about how the results would look like, you might want to lay them out before installing them. That way, you’ll already know about how to distribute the tiles for the best look.

5: Custom orders generally come with a no return policy

Artisan tiles are usually fully customizable. You get to choose not just the pattern and the color but also the shape of the tile. However, keep in mind that made to order jobs come with the risk that you won’t be able to return them if you do not like the finished product. Make sure to deal with trusted companies and be completely sure about what you want before placing an order.

There’s nothing quite like something made by hand, but if you do decide to buy artisan tiles, make sure to give them the care they deserve. As much as possible, have a professional install them.


Let us know if you are going to use artisan tiles or stone mosaic tiles for your next project.

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