Wooden Floor Tiles Decoration


Wood like tiles are definitely on-trend at the moment with interior designers finding some creative uses for them. The natural and textural look of these tiles will bring a rustic but sophisticated look into any house.

Typical hardwood flooring is an extremely costly choice and really not that environmentally friendly. Therefore, to achieve the grandeur of wood, wood like tiles are a great option.

Not only that, they are extremely hard wearing and one of the most popular trends today.

Take a look at our gallery below for some inspiration for your next project…

Wood Like Tile Gallery:

Types of Wood Like Tiles:

There are many different types of wooden tiles. Wood grain ceramic tiles are hard-wearing and look great. They can really bring the natural charm of wood into your home.

Another very popular type of wood like tiles are wood effect porcelain tiles. These are generally harder than ceramic tiles and offer greater design flexibility.

Manufacturers have done a great job at capturing the imperfections and details of natural wood, making them look authentic.

Why Wood Like Tiles Are Better Than Wooden Flooring:

Traditional wood flooring is definitely beautiful. But the greatest advantages of using wood like tiles is:

• They are more hard wearing and significantly cheaper;

• They are easily available in a range of textures and colors and are much easier to work with than actual wooden flooring;

• They are easy to clean and adding to their longevity, wooden tiles are not at all high maintenance. Using some tile polish every now and then will keep them in great shape.

• They are adaptable and can be used in a range of spaces from the bathroom to the kitchen.

• Finally, they are environmentally friendly. Saving those trees makes wood like tiles an eco-friendly option that still brings a natural warmth into your home.

The Price of Wood like tiles:

Wondering how much they actually cost?

They are very cost effective, however, prices do vary depending on the quality and style. They are generally in the range of $1 – $3 per square foot.

Having the texture and splendour of wood in your home, without the upkeep and cost of installing real wooden flooring, makes wood like tiles a great option for your next project.

They can be used to create a traditional look, a rustic look and even a more modern look depending on the type of tile chosen.

Wood like tiles bring nature in at an affordable price and give you the control over what color and texture your space requires.

Thinking of using them on your next project?

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