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You’ve been asking us about Vitrified Tiles Price ideas a lot lately, so today we have delivered.

Vitrified tiles are a cheaper alternative to granite and marble flooring. They are also stronger than ceramic tiles.

Here is some information on Tile Prices that will help with your next tile installation project. This may also help with your wall and floor tile pricing needs as well.

You will find that the price for tiling will depend on the surface area to be tiled, the preparation required (e.g. tile cutting), the tiling labor rate/ cost to install, the tile material and the grade of finish.

Installing vitrified tiles is something you can do yourself, however, you may want to get a tile flooring contractor on board to help you out. They will be able to give you a more accurate tile material and install cost.

Vitrified tile installation can be more difficult that ceramic tile installation.

Here is the tile cost per square foot for vitrified tiles  which can be used as both floor and wall tiles and indoor or outdoor tiles:

Vitrified Tiles: $10 – $30 (In-Store) to $15.50 – $35.50 (Including Shipping)

Don’t forget that the larger your tile order the lower the per square foot tile cost for you!

You will also want to make sure that your local tile installation professional is both insured and licensed.

We hope our cost guide helps you with your next project and we have also included some good ideas for your next tiling project below. Note the variety in different styles of vitrified tiles.

Are you using vitrified tiles for your next renovation project? Let us know and send your pictures to be showcased too.

Vitrified Tiles Price:

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