home decoration style

Shifting the furniture, changing the color of the walls, relocating the position of the lights… all these factors play a huge part in changing the ambiance of your house. Obviously, it helps if you are an imaginative person. Remember, one of the most important rules of home decoration is to utilize the available space without overcrowding the rooms inside the house.

Decorating the exterior

While decorating the exterior of your home, make sure that you use colors that match the surroundings. Instead of using a single color for the walls and the door, use a combination of two colors that compliment each other.

Decorating the living room

Change the location of the furniture so that you get maximum walking space in the room. Use a lighter shade of paint for the ceiling and a contrasting but deep color for the walls. If necessary, change the drapes so that they compliment the color scheme of the room. The same principle applies to upholstery as well. Painting vertical stripes of contrasting colors on the walls makes the room appear longer than it is. Remove picture frames from all the walls and rearrange them on a single wall. Position each frame slightly lower than the previous one to get an outstanding effect.

Redecorating your bedroom

Redecorating the bedroom is one of the vital aspects of home decoration. Utilize dark colors for the walls. They provide a feeling of warmth. If necessary, visit a store that allows you to mix paints. This allows you to create the exact hue you desire. Remove harsh lighting and replace them with soft concealed pastel colored lights. Your bedroom is meant for relaxation and not for reading. If necessary, install a table lamp beside the bed.

You can bring about a dramatic change in the appearance of your house by following these home decoration tips.

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