Terracotta Tiles Style

If you are looking for a warm and rustic feel for your next design project, then terracotta tiles could be a great option to consider.

Ever wondered what the word ‘Terracotta’ actually means?

In Italian, it actually means “baked earth” and that’s exactly what these tiles are.

Typically being reddish-brown in color, terracotta tiles are generally a fired but un-glazed clay. You can also purchase them with a gloss finish also.

Made from all natural materials, having a floor tile that is terracotta can provide a warm and inviting feel for your next project…

For inspiration: take a look at our terracotta tiles gallery below. We have provided some unique patterns that could inspire you on your next project.

Terracotta Tile Gallery:

Terracotta Tile Floor Cleaning:

Terracotta tiles are very durable and for this reason they are commonly used as roof tiles or as floor tiles. They are also resistant to mold growth as an added benefit.

Being made from clay, they are quite porous and it is a good idea to have them sealed each year to prevent cracking and discolouration. This is especially important if you will be using the tiles as kitchen floor tiles, to prevent staining.

If you do spill something on them, use warm water and mild dish-washing liquid with a cloth. This should do the trick and they are generally very quick to dry.

Terracotta Tiles Price:

If you have been wondering about terracotta tile prices, then we have gathered some general pricing for you.

On average you can expect to pay between $3 – $8 per square foot.

Keep and eye out for reclaimed terracotta tiles, which may be a lot cheaper and can provide a unique texture as both floor and wall tiles.

You can now also find porcelain floor tiles that ‘look like’ terracotta, and you may find these to be easier to take care of..


If you are after terracotta tiles with a splash of colour, consider using Mexican Floor Tiles in your next project. They can really help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Mexican Terracotta Floor Tiles include Saltillo Tiles, Talavera Tiles and Mexican High Relief Tiles. Take a look at our article on Mexican Terracotta Tiles HERE for further details.


So what are your thoughts about terracotta tiles? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you…

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