Porcelain Tile Interior Design

Being strong and non-porous, polished porcelain tiles are one of the most popular choices for both floor tiles and wall tiles.

They are also known as ‘vitrified’ tiles, and are a high quality tile that is extremely strong and almost impervious to liquid.

Due to the pressing and firing process, porcelain tiles are denser and more hard wearing than ceramic tiles. For this reason they can also be used outdoors.

They are usually unglazed and can have a polished, natural, or textured finish; but are also available with a glaze which can have a gloss, matt, or textured finish.

The latest trend in polished porcelain tiles includes: stone look, terrazzo look, concrete look, timber look porcelain tiles.

Spanish and Italian  glazed porcelain floor tiles that feature the natural character of sandstone, marble and travertine are very popular right now.

For high-traffic areas, a refined and high quality clay mixture is used for a longer-lasting finish and to add an extra touch of sophistication.

They are a great tile to consider for your next project and can really add value to a home.

Shop around for the best quality and best prices.

Have you tried porcelain tiles in your home? Send us a photo – we would love to see the effect…

Porcelain Tiles:

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