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Choosing the right  type of paving stones or paving tiles for your backyard, can have a massive impact on the whole look and feel of your yard.

To get started – here is our gallery of paving stone images you can take some inspiration from:

Paving Stone Gallery:

For some ideas on how you can use various tile and stone materials to make beautiful patios that everyone will be jealous of – read on…

Beach Style Patio Flooring

If you’re looking to bring nature in, try this look by getting some limestone flagstone paving stones.

You can even amp it up by going for a random ashlar style if you can afford getting unbalanced flagstone cut into different-sized pieces, and install them in your patio.

Bold, Dark Limestone Paving Tiles

Black kadapha limestone would make a durable pavement.

It has a matte finish that will gradually lighten due to exposure to sunlight so be careful if you’re buying some solely because it’s black.  It will turn gray in a few months.

You may use color restoration seal in order to maintain its color, or at least, prevent it from turning into a very light gray.

A Contemporary Patio

Good old cement pavers and cement tiles can make a backyard look polished and even luxurious if laid out properly.

You can use small square cement pavers for this. You may also lay out light charcoal pavers in a stretcher bond pattern.

If you want a meal area, set up a cobble rosette and have it surrounded by the cement pavers, then just place your tea table on the center. This would look great with black rattan furniture.

That Mediterranean Style

If your home has got that Mediterranean vibe going and you want your yard to match the atmosphere, you can go for neat square paving tiles in a light, neutral color. 

The best paving material for this idea would be unpolished limestone or sandstone tiles for that warm textural look.

It would look even better when paired with a fire pit and some light-colored furniture with red throw pillows.

Spanish pavers and mexican floor tiles are also great to use for that Mediterranean style.

A Laidback Bluestone Patio

If you want a relaxing vibe, go for bluestone paving stones.  It’s a durable material which is generally cheaper and easy to install.

Rectangular cut bluestone creates sleek likes and refined edges, which is perfect if you’re looking to complement a modern home.

If you want a more natural look, go for flagstone.

Whatever you choose, pair it with old fashioned green pillows and it will make your patio look even more like a sanctuary.

A Classic Herringbone Walkway/ Driveway

Herringbone remains a popular style of flooring and paving for good reason. This pattern just makes any space look more dramatic.

You may go for a red/ brown brick in a herringbone pattern with a running border insert for more flair.

You may also go for sandstone paving tiles in various colors and sizes for a subdued, classic look.


So what type of paving stones or tiles have you decided to use for your next project?

Let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear from you…

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