room decoration art

Decorating a home, condo or an apartment can be fun and add new dimensions to living spaces. There are several fun and creative tips that will help such as choosing a focal point. Look at your living spaces and choose a feature that stands out from other objects in a room such as a beautiful oriental rug, a fireplace or a bay window facing the lawn.

Then, create a storage area where you can hide DVDs, magazines or other small items that are in the way. Small cabinets beside a sofa or shelves where you can store items out of sight, work well when looking for additional space and expanding a room.

Furniture can add or subtract from the look and size of a room; therefore, be selective when choosing furniture. Choosing the wrong furniture can be costly and take up unnecessary space. Also, be careful to choose the same styles for a room. Modern pieces mixed with vintage furniture looks uneven and when looking at it from the perspective of those who come to visit; they may see it as an imbalance.

A room can look fresh and new by changing the pillows, artwork, flowers and lighting of a room. The appearance of a room can by changed dramatically by changing the color and fabric of pillows, flowers and photographs. This step can add color and atmosphere to your rooms according to the seasons and holidays of the year.

Adding an area rug can give your rooms a quick fix and even change the mood of a room. Light colors give a more airy and free look; while darker colors give a more mysterious and warmer look.

Leather furniture can be restored by applying a little bit of olive oil. Scratches can be removed from your wood floor by rubbing them with almond.

To conclude, it is often the little things in life that can add quality and dimension to a home. Try one or more of the above tips and renew and update your living spaces! Home decoration ideas can be fun and inspirational!

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